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Easy Ways Twitter Make Money

Are you an online business owner? Internet marketing is a must to sell a product, a service, or generate income through affiliate links.

To generate a sale, you must first drive traffic to your website or blog. There are many ways for you to do so, including the social networking website Twitter.

Before highlighting the benefits of marketing your business with Twitter, understand what Twitter is. As previously stated, it is a social networking website that also acts as a micro-blog. After signing up for a Twitter account, you develop a list of contacts. These are individuals you want to follow or receive updates from. Many will return the favor, becoming followers of your updates. There are no limits on how many messages you can send; however, there is a 140 character limit. Otherwise known as Tweets, updates are sent through instant messaging, mobile web applications, RSS feeds, Facebook, and the Twitter website.

By performing a search on, you will see updates contain varying information. Some may ask questions on a new way to make money online; others may highlight their day, and so forth. The key to using Twitter as a marketing tool is to advertise without real advertising. Respond to Tweets found on that apply to your website, blog, product, or service. Occasionally send updates to your friends. Highlight your new blog post, summarize a product you are selling, or provide a discount code. You can also reply to members that you follow.

As for the benefits of marketing your business with Twitter:

You can generate traffic. As previously stated, whether you sell a product or service, either directly or indirectly, you need to drive traffic to your business website. You can easily do so with Twitter. Did you recently update your blog? If so, share a summary of your post on Twitter and then provide a link.

You can generate interest. In addition to generating traffic to your website or blog, you can also generate internet. There are several ways to do so. First, create catchy Tweets. For example, do you sell a new eco-friendly product? If so, don’t just instruct people to buy your product, but ask for their feedback. Ask how it can help the environment. Then, ask your followers to forward information on your product to their contacts. When you have a catchy message and product or service, it is easy to generate interest on Twitter.

You can make a sale. Regardless of whether you sell a product or a service, a sale will generate income. By increasing visitors to your website, you increase your chances of making a sale. You can go a step farther by making contacts that are within your targeted market. For example, do you sell children’s clothes? If so, your target market is parents. Perform a search on to find posts that focus on parenting. You can offer a response that leads to your website, increasing your chances of making a sale.

You can get feedback. As previously stated, a great way to subtly increase traffic to your website or blog is to ask for feedback. By providing a link, you will not only get website traffic, but you will also get what you asked for, feedback. For example, do you sell great products, but are your prices too high? Twitter members will let you know.

You can update customers. When connecting with customers, they may opt for newsletters. Yes, you can take this approach, but you can also do Twitter updates. Give your customers the opt-in for Twitter updates. You can share promotional codes, new product releases, and so forth. If you take this approach, create a separate account for business and personal use.

Finally, you can use Twitter to hire help. Whether you want to hire a full-time employee or outsource a writing project or two, you can use Twitter to find qualified individuals looking for work.

How to Cleverly Market Your Blog on Twitter

Are you a blog writer? Although many internet users operate personal blogs, others do so to generate income.

If you are one of those bloggers, it is important to have an effective internet marketing campaign. Besides the traditional approaches, such as learning search engine optimization, think outside-of-the-box. One unconventional marketing approach is to use Twitter.

If you don’t already know, Twitter is a social networking micro-blog. It is a user-based program. Internet users create a free account, import contacts from their email account, and search for users based on location, name, and email address. Many also use online message boards to exchange information and develop a larger contact list. Messages, also known as updates and Tweets, are sent to all followers. Those individuals read and can respond. Messages are 140 characters or less and are sent via the Twitter website, mobile web applications, RSS Feeds, instant messaging programs, and Facebook.

At first glance, Twitter looks like any other social networking website, but it can be so much more. When properly used, Twitter can become an effective internet marketing tool. The first step is to create a free account and develop a list of followers. By following the updates of one member, they should return the favor. Remember, you can also use message boards to exchange information.

Once you have registered for a free account and developed a following on Twitter, you can start marketing your blog. Your first thought may be to make a big post introducing your blog. Yes, you can do this, but don’t let your first post be an advertisement. Instead, send a quick hello. Explain you are getting used to the Twitter website and thank your followers for joining you. This establishes a personal connection. You do not want your followers to feel right from the start that they are used solely for advertising.

For your next Tweet, start working your blog into the mix. Since Twitter asks what you are doing, say, “I am updating my blog. Check it out if you want,” and provide a link. This answers the Twitter question but will also generate interest. Your followers will want to know your interests; therefore, they will click on your blog link. While there, they may buy a product you have available for sale or click on an advertisement. This is great, but first focusing on increase page views.

Another unique approach is to offer a contest on your blog. For example, does your blog share tips on how to save money. If so, give away a free eBook on the subject. People love free stuff. A contest should generate organic clicks on your blog, but it makes good content for Tweets. Send an update telling your followers that you just added a contest to your blog and that they should take part.

Aside from sending updates, also send replies. You will receive updates from those you follow. You can also search for Twitter messages on While there, look for questions that you can answer with a plug to your blog. @replies are nice, especially when responding to a specific question, as you are not sending unsolicited advisement. Instead, you are sending advice.

As for why you should cleverly market your blog on Twitter, it has to do with communication. That is what Twitter is about, encouraging short but meaningful conversations. Users want to feel like they made a new friend, not like being pursued as consumers.

How to Cleverly Market Your Website with Twitter

Are you a webmaster? If so, your website should generate income for you. Whether you sell a product, a service, or generate income through the use of affiliate links, internet marketing is important to your success.

A successful internet marketing campaign will generate website traffic, as well as income.

In terms of internet marketing, there are many ways to market your website. In fact, you may be overwhelmed with your options. To get started, you may start with the most recommended approaches. These include submitting articles to article directories with bank links attached, purchasing advertisements on popular websites, exchanging banners with other web admins, and learning search engine optimization. Yes, these steps are important, but there are benefits to thinking outside of the box. When you do, you will find Twitter.

Twitter is a social networking micro-blog. At first glance, Twitter looks like it can be fun but also distracting. Yes, it can be, but it all depends on how you use the service. Suppose you aren’t already a member, register for a free account. Choose a username, password, and provide your email address. The next step involves developing a list of contacts. These are individuals whose updates and Tweets you will receive and follow. Look for others to do the same for you.

To contact other Twitter members, you can search based on an email address, name, and location. If you belong to an online community, ask for Twitter exchanges. This is ideal if members are your targeted market. For example, does your website share work-at-home opportunities? If so, post Twitter link exchanges on work-at-home-related message boards. These individuals will benefit from clicking your links and visiting your website. The more contacts you make on Twitter, the easier it is to market your site.

Once you have developed a following on Twitter, you can start marketing your website. This is also where you can make costly mistakes. Twitter, as previously stated, is a social networking website. For that reason, avoid spammy advertisements. Instead, be clever and social about it. A great introductory post is “Thanks for following me on Twitter. I just finished updating my website; tell me what you think.” First, this offers a personal introduction. Next, it accomplishes the goal of increasing page views.

When you receive followers on Twitter, you are encouraged to return the favor. This is not required, but it can work to your advantage. You will receive Tweets or updates from other members. These updates may include daily updates on activities, but questions are commonly asked. Does someone on your follow list complain about the long drive to work? If you run a work-at-home website, respond with an @reply. Your message could say, “Yes, I remember those days. I am glad I now work from home. Did you know that you could too?” and provide a link.

In addition to responding to @replies from those you follow, visit You will display public messages. In keeping with working from home, use targeted keywords, such as work from home, employment, and online jobs. Remember, be sure to include a personal message, but always include a link to your website. In addition to just answering a question, become a follower of the other member.

As for why you should cleverly market your website, it has to do with personalization. In the above-mentioned example, you provided a link to your website, but you also provided a personal message. This shows that you are truly reading Tweets and not using Twitter for the sole purpose of advertising. When consumers feel used, they are likely to turn away. If you notice your followers on Twitter decreasing in numbers, it may be because your messages sound like spam.

In short, Twitter has the potential to be an amazing internet marketing tool but use it wisely. Including a quick personal message with @replies and cleverly incorporating your website link into your Tweets is the perfect way to advertise your website, as it is an advertisement in disguise.

How to Disguise Your Tweets as Advertisements

Do you want to use Twitter as an internet marketing tool? Whether you want to market a website, blog, product, or service, you will do so with updates.

These updates, also known as Tweets, are where you will highlight what you want to bring attention to.

Before you signup for a free Twitter account and start sending messages, it is important to understand Twitter. For starters, messages should be under 140 characters. This means that you need to master the trade of being short yet right to the point. This may require some practice, but it is important.

Next, it is important to understand what Twitter is used for. Yes, you are using it for internet marketing, but not everyone has the same goals. For that reason, explore the Twitter website. Visit the help section, as well as This allows you to search for sample Tweets. See how others format their messages, what they have to say, or what they are looking for.

Before sending Tweets, otherwise known or messages or updates, you need to have followers. These are members who will read your messages. It is easy to add and search for your friends and family online, but this will not help if your goal is internet marketing. Instead, search for who will buy what you have to sell. These are members of your target market.

As for how you can search for your targeted market, use online message boards, ask around for Twitter exchanges. You follow a member and receive their updates, and they agree to do the same. Also, visit Look for those who could be customers of yours. For example, do you sell a dog obedience eBook? Look for posts that signal a pet owner. You can make contact and join their list of contacts. Remember, many will return the favor.

Once you have registered for a free account and developed a fan following, you can send updates. This is when you can use advertising. With that said, remember discreet is the best approach to take. Straight-up advertisements may leave those on your contact list feeling used. People use Twitter to socialize and make new acquaintances, not to be bombarded with advertisements.

So, how do you advertise a product or service without really doing so? Try asking for feedback. Do you sell pet products? Ask followers on your list for feedback on your website layout or a particular product you sell. Include a link to your website. This accomplishes the goal of generating traffic. Not only that, your Twitter followers will feel as if you care and value their opinion. And, if someone likes what you are selling, they will make a purchase.

Another way to disguise your advertisements on Twitter is to offer promotions or incentives. For example, do you have product samples available, or can you offer a discount? If so, extend this offer to those on your Twitter contact list. Making this offer exclusive takes it a step further. Include the offer in a Tweet update, but be sure to state it is only extended to Twitter followers. Yes, this is an advertisement, but you are offering an incentive. Plus, your Twitter followers will feel honored that you extended a special offer to them.

Now that you have a few ideas on how to disguise your advertisements on Twitter, it is important to know why. Internet users use Twitter for many reasons, but being bombarded with advertisements is not one of them.

Easy Ways Twitter Make Money

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Easy Ways Twitter Make Money

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