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Easy Ways To Make Money You Can Try Today

If you work from home, chances are you already know that you’re really pulling “double duty.” You probably work on your business while doing the laundry, corralling the kids, or fixing dinner… and let’s not forget all the phone calls from family and friends expecting you to run errands or “go out” for an afternoon of fun.

One of the hardest parts of running a home business is separating your work from your family and social life. Here are six proven ways to keep your home life running smoothly while keeping your business on track.

1. First, create a work schedule and stick with it. It may be tempting to answer personal calls during the day or take business calls after-hours, but doing this actually shows that you’re expendable – not dependable – and people will take for granted that you’ll “always be there” for any little things that come up. Even though family comes first, stay true to your business hours and resist the urge to chat with friends or pick up groceries during working hours.

2. Your friends may consider “working from home” an invitation to chat during the day or go out for coffee or shopping for an afternoon. Make it clear that your business hours are just that – for business. Leave personal calls for after-hours, and you’ll find that your friends will gradually accept your schedule without feeling slighted.

3. Just because you have to set up a work schedule doesn’t mean that you have to keep the same hours as everyone else. One of the benefits of working for yourself is setting your own hours to fit your most productive times. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you’ll find that you’ll get much more done when you’re attuned to your body’s own natural rhythms. Some people work in the morning, take a break in the afternoon when the kids are home from school, and work again in the evening. Schedule your work time when you feel the most productive, and you’ll find that things get done easier, faster, and better than when you were dragging along during those same rigid work hours that everyone else has.

4. If getting after-hours business calls or work day personal calls is a problem, it helps to have a separate business phone line or an answering machine or voice mail to take the incoming calls. This also gives your business a more professional appearance to clients than if you and your family make and receive calls from the same phone line.

5. If at all possible, try to separate your “home office” from the rest of your home. If you don’t have the luxury of a separate room, a room partition or screen can be just as helpful. This also serves as a visual cue to a family working and shouldn’t be bothered.

6. Dress and act professionally while working. Some people find it helpful to dress in casual business attire during their working hours. This reinforces that just because you’re working from home doesn’t make you any less professional. Answer the phone with your name or business name, and keep your children off the phone during business hours. Also, spend money investing in the tools you need to do your job right. A cell phone, fax machine, or even a budget computer can help turn your home office into a true workspace.

If you follow all of these tips and stick with them, chances are you’ll find a routine that not only makes you feel productive and active in your business but also projects the message that you mean business – literally!

6 Google Adwords Tips Just For You

While Adwords seems to be the only game in town for PPC marketing these days, it is just as easy to lose with Adwords as it is to win. Here are some basic Google Adwords tips you’ll want to follow as you venture out into the world of Adwords.

1. Avoid Broad Matching, to begin with. Broad matching means that if you list a keyword like soda pop in your list of keywords, then your ad could appear any time a user searches for either soda or pop as well as for soda pop.

Your ad may also appear when they search for related terms, like seltzer water or something else that may or may not connect to your site.

The expanded match is for experienced advertisers, those who are acquainted with negative keywords and focusing a campaign, and may be used by lazy advertisers who don’t want to take the time to really cull good keywords. If you’re neither of those, then forget the broad matching.

2. The next of the Google Adwords tips is to make use of the Dynamic Titles option. These are easy to do, don’t add any cost to your ads, and are generally effective at gaining clicks and conversion. The exact phrase entered by the individual who initiated the search will be used as the title of your ad.

To utilize this feature, put {keyword: your backup title here}. This also saves you the trouble of coming up with a new title for each ad.

3. Use some global negatives to narrow searches. For example, use “Free” as a negative search word if you have a product to sell, not give away. It seems a bit obvious, but you’ll discover that it’s a real problem if you do some sample searches.

You can do this for other words that you don’t want to waste an ad on. If you are trying broad matching, then you’ll definitely want a long list of negative keywords.

4. Avoid using the “content targeting” and “search network” features until you are well acquainted with Google. If you don’t know anything about a site, you probably won’t profit from it. Each varies widely on conversion rates and CTRs. If you ask for Google Adwords tips, you will often hear the advice to avoid advanced features at first.

5. Don’t rely on the default positioning for ads. You want to try different positions for your ads and different keywords for different locations. You need to know where your ads work the best.

The only way to find out is to test the ads in different positions. Think about your return on investment needs (ROI) and test each ad to see what position it is most effective.

You can also run tests with different ads. Rewrite your copy several times and see which version brings in not just the most clicks but the highest ROI.

6. Perhaps the most useful of the Google Adwords tips here is to optimize the landing page for each keyword term. If you’re selling photographs, you should have a different landing page for “flowers” and another for “landscapes” while still another for “portraits,”

You don’t want to use your home page for the landing page for each search term unless it specifically deals with what you’re selling.

If you follow these Google Adwords tips, you’re likely to have more success with your Adwords campaign.

Adsense Information For The Curious Marketer

Google’s Adsense program has been delivering targeted ads to web pages for some time and allowing those advertisers to promote products. This has generated a revenue machine that has added much power to the advertiser’s strategies.

In addition, Google allows people who host these ads to share a percentage of the revenue when people click on the ads. It’s a win-win deal.

The advertiser gets a potential conversion, Google gets cash for it, and the website showing the ads attracts cash to its owner.

Adsense is a free program from Google that allows you to register an account and display relevant ads on your web page, blog, or free article directories like Hubpages and Marble. These are targeted ads. That means the Adsense information in the Google box pertains to the products being sold on the website or the information being conveyed. This has extended to display mobile and video ads.

For example, a website selling real estate will have Adsense information ads on estate agent services and other sites with similar information. The publisher paid these ads to Google, and they are specifically targeting their niche areas. You get paid as part of the Adsense program as a way of saying thanks from the publisher for displaying the ad and providing traffic. Google knows people react well to quality content as opposed to a search listing. Notices how descriptive the sales copy for the ads is on various Adsense-enabled web pages.

Here’s an example of one:

Acting Jobs
10,000 new jobs adverts every month. Find a job with Gumtree today!

Notice how it uses content to sell the idea of the website benefits. This is copywriting, and publishers using Adsense make a lot of money from knowing their markets with ads like this one.

If you create a niche website with Adsense ads and place links to the site in relevant directories and search engines, visitors will reach the site and click the ads. Please give it a whirl. Go to and create an account. Choose the type and style of ads that suit your content and products, and plug in some work advertising your site. If you already own a high-traffic site that converts well, Adsense will be a nice lucrative extra! If your site is struggling to get traffic, Adsense will probably not do much for you yet. Get some help on SEO and choosing the right keywords for your content so that Google searchers find your site.

Don’t confuse Adsense with Adwords. Adwords allow people to make a purchase directly from the publisher using targeted keywords and baiting sales copy. Adsense using baiting sales copy allows you to earn from people clicking on the ad called impressions. This is good as Adsense connects you with people seeking information. Adsense information ads can provide large amounts of extra cash. It will expose your site further and increase your site ranking.

Have fun with your Adsense campaign.

Adwords Cost How To Guide

According to Google, Adwords cost is as much or as little as you would like to spend. In reality, it may not work out that neatly to get the results you are hoping to get, but there is a wide variety of spending options.

The basic costs are a $5.00 activation fee (US dollars) and the minimum cost per click (CPC) on your ad, which is $.01. The minimum cost per thousand impressions, or thousand times your webpage is loaded by a user (CPM), is $.25.

Google offers two options for payment. One is to prepay a certain amount, set up your campaign, then let it go until you have reached the end of the money. In this way, you know your Adwords cost before you begin and can control it easily. The minimum amount for a prepayment is $10.

If you are less concerned with the budget, you can opt for the post-pay method to pay your Adwords cost. With this method, your campaign runs, then at the end of the billing cycle, you are charged the amount that has accrued.

For either type of payment, you’ll need to enter an appropriate credit or debit card or bank account information to activate the account. Google only accepts U.S. bank accounts for bank transfers.

They accept American Express, JCB, Mastercard, Visa credit cards, and any debit cards with a Mastercard or Visa card logo.

Fees per click or impression can go much higher than the minimum. Google gives you tools to control that aspect of the Adwords cost by allowing you to set either limit on the amount you’re willing to spend each day or a limit on how much you’re willing to pay per click or per thousand impressions or both.

It’s possible to project Adwords costs using the Google keyword tool and get a general idea of how much things will cost.

You can see if you will be able to get the results you’re hoping for with the amount you’re willing to spend, and if not, you can find out what you need to spend.

It is easy to predict the amount you’ll spend each day since you can post a maximum budget for daily spending after establishing the framework for costs.
After that, you’ll want to evaluate your keywords, adjust text, look at ad placements, and generally tweak your campaign to make the most of the program.

Using tools can add to your Adwords cost if you choose to utilize third-party tools, but some of those may pay off for you by increasing revenue.

You’ll need to know enough about how your campaign is going and what it needs to improve so that you can evaluate what tools will best help you have a successful experience with your Adwords campaign.

Keeping a careful watch on your search parameters and keywords, controlling the amount you’re willing to pay, and setting a daily budget can help you keep your Adwords cost under control.

Easy Ways To Make Money You Can Try Today

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Easy Ways To Make Money You Can Try Today

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