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Easy Ways To Make Money Skillfully

Are you a wiz with graphics? Do you like to create art on the computer? If so, you can help local business owners to expand their advertising for a fraction of the cost of using a big company. Learn how you can help others with advertising and earn some money.

Help Others Advertise and Make Money

All of us have received a flyer in our mailbox. How about a business card? You printed it somewhere. If you can turn a phrase and create a flyer, you could offer your services to those short on advertising budgets but need clean, professional work done.

Getting Started

This is an opportunity that you can take advantage of right in your home. If you have the proper software on your computer to create graphics, print flyers, business cards, and banners, then you are well on your way.

The initial investment for such a venture will depend on what types of advertising you will specialize in. If you get into doing logos on business cards for companies or letterhead or flyers, then you will probably need a scanner to upload the client’s information to your system. Scanners are usually inexpensive at office supply stores, so that it will be a good investment.

Do some advertising of your own. Create a brochure that lists your product offerings and your prices, along with contact information. Please place them in mailboxes in your community, hand them out at your place of worship and local businesses, place one on the bulletin board at work (with the employer’s permission), and give them to family and friends to pass around.

Create a portfolio of your designs to show prospective clients. Provide several sample fliers, business cards, restaurant menus, and the like. Yes, you can branch out into menus for local restaurants as well. You would charge the cost to be lower than what they are already paying a printer for their product.

It is good to check with local business agencies to see if a business license is needed. Basically, if you plan on making serious money that will make a difference in your monthly income, you might want to procure a business license just in case.

Setting your rates is very important. Because you will be dealing with clients who will want to purchase bulk items, consider how much it will cost you to print a set of 50, 100, 150, or more flyers. You will have the cost of paper (colored paper and cardstock will cost you more), printer ink, and the wear and tear on your equipment. In the beginning, you can offer discounts to new clients in anticipation of future business.

If you are creative with wording and catching the attention of others, then you can make money in the offline advertising business.

Make Money with Amateur Photography

In today’s economy, everyone could use a little extra money. If you already have a full-time job, you don’t have to look for another one. One of your hobbies, such as photography, could provide the income you need.

More and more people are turning to the internet for money-making opportunities in this trying economy. There are several advantages to online enterprises: low overhead, a minimal outlay of cash initially, and an abundance of potential customers. Because of this, if one enterprise doesn’t fit you, it is not too hard to switch to another.

Add to Your Bottom Line with Photos

Where do you look for another income stream? Do you have any hobbies? You can start there. If your interest is in digital photography, then you could try the following enterprising ideas.

  • Sell your photos online – Websites are always looking for stock photos. With too few photos, the same ones pop up everywhere. If you have an eye for landscapes, faces, buildings, and such, someone out there could use your pictures.

  • Create your own website shop – If you have many photos that are just filling up your memory card, showcase them and get paid. There are sites online that offer free and for sale photos to various users. You could become one of those people.

How to Get Started with Selling Your Photos

  • Foremost, learn your trade. If you want to get involved in photography to make money, investigate how it’s done, especially in the online market. Check out some sites like,, and See what types of photos they specialize in and which ones are the top sellers.

  • Create your photo inventory. Divide your pictures into categories: landscape, flowers, architecture, food, locations, etc. Go through your photos and find the ones that you like best. Please don’t get rid of any of them, although the better ones may sell easier.

  • Edit your photos. You want to present the best possible shots for sale to photo sites. Also, learn the requirements of each site for the submission of your photographs so that you can avoid rookie mistakes. If you provide professional quality work, you are likely to make more money with this venture.

  • Advertise your wares. Sites like Fotolia allow photographers and designers to advertise in their free section. You can drum up work for yourself here and also from commissions for everyone who purchases your photos. If you have a website, the advertising will probably be more effective.

Over time, you might find that a certain type of photo sells better for you. Niche photography could turn into a business that could take off if you want it to.

In need of extra cash? If you have a talent for digital photography, try selling your pictures.

Spend Time Dog Walking and Earn Some Cash

Do you like spending time with pets, particularly dogs? If you do, then dog walking could be the business for you. Get some fresh air and make some extra cash.

If you need more money, but don’t want the time constraints of a second job, consider putting one of your interests to good use. Those who love animals can satisfy their passion and their wallet with a job as a dog walker.

Advantages of Dog Walking

Dog walking is just that exercising canines. Busy people who own pets don’t always have the time or energy to give their dogs a full workout each day. As pack animals, dogs need that mental stimulation to adjust well to life with humans.

A dog walker provides a much-needed service for busy pet owners. They spend time with the dog, give it exercise and also have some fun with it.

Getting Started

You don’t need any special credentials to walk a dog. However, it is more effective if you are a dog owner who knows the habits of dogs and how to treat them. Doing a little research on canines doesn’t hurt when it comes to this job.

Consult your state or local licensing agency to see if you need a business license to walk dogs. If you do, fill out the requisite forms and file them before you begin.

While you are waiting, you can work on a plan to get started. If you own a dog, you are probably acquainted with others who do as well. Casually talk to them to see if they would be interested in hiring a dog walker (or know someone). Get a feel for the market for this service in your community and city at large. This will help you set your rates.

Advertise your services. Free advertising is best, like word-of-mouth to friends or community bulletins. For a small investment, you can turn your car into a moving billboard with the name of your service and the phone number or email address to contact you.

Prepare your gear. You could be walking more than one dog at a time, so make sure that you have extra leashes just in case one break. Plastic bags will be a must for outings with dogs since most parks will require you to pick up after your pets.

Create a schedule that works with your job and other commitments. Try to work it so that free time is filled with clients. Give yourself time to walk the dog and also time to arrive at your next client. Consider arranging appointments an hour or so apart.

Your dog can help you earn extra money for your household. Try dog walking as a way to bring home more bacon.

Use Your Musical Talents to Earn Money

If you have a music talent, you can get started making extra money with very little overhead. Have you ever considered offering musical lessons? Please keep reading to learn more about it.

Kids usually become interested in music during their school days. Some schools don’t have as comprehensive a musical program as they used to. If you want to learn to play an instrument yourself or get your child into lessons, you have to find a private instructor. That means that someone could be looking for the services of someone accomplished in playing an instrument.

Getting Started

You don’t have to be a certified teacher to teach music from your home. However, your clients will want to know your qualifications. This will help to determine the types of per-hour rates you can command from your students. If you have a degree in music or have played in a band, or work in a music store, you may find clients who want to learn.

Because you are likely working from your home, check with local business agencies to see if your area is zoned for a home-based business. Even if you are working part-time, you may still need a business license. File the proper forms before you hold your first class.

Get the word out about your music lessons. Decide first if you will specialize in one instrument (for example, guitar), one category of instruments (e.g., woodwinds), or various instruments that you play. Also, will these be beginner lessons to introduce them to the instrument or more advanced training?

The important thing here is your ability to teach. If you can translate what you know into a lesson format for a student, then you are on your way to a money-making enterprise.

Here are a few tips for setting up your music studio.

  • Contact your local music store – If students get their instruments from a local establishment, they may be inclined to let you teach them there as well. You could negotiate a contract with them for the use of their studio space for your lessons.

  • Contact community colleges – They may be interested in hiring an instructor to teach various music lessons. This could work out great if you play the piano. You can use their instrument instead of buying one of your own.

  • Contact the secondary school system – Schools may be interested in offering music lessons to their students as an elective or part of their arts curriculum. Here, you will have to check to see if they require a teaching license or a degree in music to qualify you to work for them in this capacity.

  • Work from your home – How you set up a home studio will depend on your house and what type of music area you already have set up. You won’t need to worry about acoustics if soundproofing isn’t a problem. Make sure that you have a dedicated area away from the rest of the family so that you and your students can focus.

If you have a music talent, you can pass it on to others and make some extra money.

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