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Easy Ways To Make Money On Twitter

Are you an internet marketer? Although you may not technically be employed as one, you will and should wear one of the many hats you will wear when working online.

Do you run a website or blog that sells a product, service or generates income through affiliate links? If so, you must double as an internet marketer. Why? Because marketing is vital to your success.

After all, you will not generate income if consumers do not know you exist.

If you are new to internet marketing, you will turn to the internet for research. You will get many great ideas, including the use of article directory backlinks, buying advertisements on other sites, exchanging banners with other web admins, and search engine optimization. These are important internet marketing steps, but to maximize your results, think outside of the box.

When you do, you will find Twitter.

Twitter is a social networking micro-blog. Users can communicate with each other through updates, also known as Tweets. Many Twitter members highlight their daily activities, but many also use updates to generate traffic to their websites or blogs and increase sales. Straight-up advertisements are allowed, as long as they do not qualify as spam. With that said, many find the best approach to be taking the roundabout way. If you sell a product or service, drop hints and highlight what you do or sell. Be sure to include a link.

As nice as it is to hear that you can use Twitter for internet marketing, you may have a few questions as a newbie. Continue reading on for answers.

Question: Why use Twitter for internet marketing?

Answer: The better question should be why not. There are over 2 million members on You will not communicate will all members, but it gives you an amazing opportunity to meet and network with others. By playing your cards right, you can find your targeted market. For example, do you work as a freelance web designer? If so, your target market is those who want to make money through affiliate links or business owners who want a professional website.

Question: How much time does Twitter take?

Answer: It all depends. Like any form of internet marketing, the time and energy you put forth depend on you. With Twitter, you want to take it slow and easy. If you create too many messages directing your followers to products you sell online, your messages may be considered spam. For that reason, send a few Tweets a day. Since Tweets are 140 characters or less, this is easy. The most time-consuming part of Twitter is finding and adding contacts.

Question: What can be marketed on Twitter?

Answer: Just about anything. As previously stated, it doesn’t matter whether you sell a product, a service, or if you generate income through affiliate links; you can market yourself on Twitter. You can do so by sending carefully crafted updates. @replies can be sent to members on your list or those you find on Look for members that ask questions you can answer. Always provide a link to your website or blog.

Question: Won’t people turn away from advertisements?

Answer: Yes. As previously stated, you want to craft your Tweet messages and @replies carefully. Don’t just say, “Come shop at my online store.” Instead, send messages stating that you updated your store, got a new product, or asked for feedback. Always provide a link, and those interested will click, but without feeling forced into doing so.

Question: How much money can I make using Twitter?

Answer: It varies. Twitter is a service that is free to use. You are not paid for using it, but there is income potential. The first step is driving traffic to your website or blog, where you sell a product, service, or have affiliate links displayed. It is, however, important to have something good to sell. No matter how much traffic you generate, poor-quality products and services will not sell.

Use Twitter to Market Your Freelance Writing Skills

Are you a freelance web content writer? If so, you may have noticed an increase in competition. With high gas prices, the high unemployment rate, and various other reasons, more people want to work from home.

Many of these individuals give writing a chance. Competition is nice, but it may leave you without work.

To find work, you may start to examine unconventional approaches, such as Twitter.

If you are a freelance writer, you may have heard of Twitter before. As a writer and researcher, it is your job to stay up-to-date with internet happenings. In fact, you may already be a member. But are you only sending messages to friends and family? If so, you aren’t using Twitter to its fullest extent. As previously stated, you can use it to gain writing clients and projects. How? By using Twitter as an internet marketing tool.

Suppose you aren’t a member of Twitter, signup for a free account. You can do so at After creating your screen name, password and providing your email address, you start adding contacts. You can do so by importing your email contact list or searching for members based on an email address, name, or location.

Before you start marketing your writing services on Twitter, you need to develop a list of contacts. As stated above, this needs to be more than friends and family. Start with a Twitter search. You can do so by visiting Perform a search with targeted phrases, like writing, writer, freelance writer, and so forth. These individuals share similar interests with you, so they make great Twitter contacts and friends.

You can also turn to online message boards. Since marketing is an important component of writing on the web, you may already belong to a few message boards for writers, internet users, or working from home. If so, create a new message stating that you are a Twitter member and that you want to exchange information. If someone starts following you, do the same.

The above-mentioned approaches will help you find those with similar interests, likely other writers. Now, you may wonder how this can benefit you. After all, these Twitter members maybe your competition. They may apply and compete for the same jobs. Yes, this is true, but have you ever been overwhelmed as a freelance writer? If so, you may have turned to outsource. This is your goal.

When following Twitter users who are writers, you will commonly find updates that include “I am overwhelmed with this writing project,” “I am suffering from writer’s block,” and so forth. This is your opportunity to find outsourcing projects, even if they aren’t advertised as such. Send an @reply saying, “Writer’s block. Yes, I have been there. Taking a break or asking for help works to overcome it.” You can also outright state that you are a writer and ask if any help is needed.

Using @replies is the best way to market yourself, subtly, online as a freelance writer, but so is sending updates. For example, do you have contacts on your list who run websites, are looking to work from home, and so forth? If so, send updates that cleverly mentioned you are a freelance writer. For example, “I just finished writing a series of articles for my blog. I hope it generates enough Adsense revenue.” First, you make it known that you write for money. Next, you generate interest. Someone on your follow list may respond to ask how you make it online, or they may even ask for paid help.

In short, Twitter is a social networking website that millions of internet users use. Although social networking is often regarded as playful fun, it can work to your advantage as an online writer. In fact, to become a successful and profitable web content writer, you need to rely heavily on internet marketing. Twitter can help you.

Use Twitter to Market Your Web Design Skills

Are you a freelance web designer? If so, you may always be on the lookout for new clients. This should be relatively easy as many internet users want to capitalize on their internet use, but not all have the skills needed to create a moneymaking website.

Although already in a potentially profitable career, there are ways that you can increase your earnings. You can use Twitter to land new clients and projects.

Have you heard of Twitter before? Since you work online, you likely have. Are you using it? If not, now is the time to start. Twitter is classified as a social networking website and a micro-blog. Although many use the service for personal purposes only, you can use it to drive attention to your business. If you are only using Twitter to stay in contact with friends and family, you aren’t necessarily using it wrong, but you aren’t using it to your full advantage.

So, how can you use Twitter to land web design projects and clients? You can do so by not using Twitter as a social tool but as an internet marketing tool.

Suppose you do not have a Twitter account, register for a free one. Visit the website to get started. Choose a screen name, password, and provide your email address. Since your goal is to use Twitter to market your web design skills, choose a professional and catchy screen name. Next, add contacts. You can import contacts from your email account and search for members based on their location, name, or email address.

Once you have an account, you may want to start marketing right away. First, develop a list of contacts. To achieve ultimate marketing success, add more than just friends and family. Since networking is important to home-based and online jobs, you may already belong to other social networking websites or message boards. Ask around to see who has a Twitter account and exchange information. If someone starts following you from your post, do the same.

A unique but successful way to market your web design services online is to perform a Twitter search. You can do this at Here, you can use a phrase like “web design.” This allows you to find other Twitter members who enjoy the same interests as you. Many of these members are also employed as web designers or enjoy designing as a hobby. You can reply to a Tweet. This gets the process started off developing a new follower.

By asking other web designers for their Twitter information and by searching for similar interests on the website, you will find those who share similar interests as you. This may not always land you a job, but sometimes freelancers become overwhelmed with work. If a fellow web designer knows through Twitter that you have the same skills, it may approach you for outsourced help.

You can also land web design projects and jobs on Twitter by looking for those who need or could benefit from your services. For example, you know that a website has the potential to make money, even if no products are actually sold on the website. A quick search on Twitter, and you will find that not everyone knows this. Some inquire as to how you can make money online. This is your opportunity to state “with a website.” You could also insert a plug claiming you do web design and help them get started for a small fee. It is best to be subtle, but it is best to do so in an @reply when outright advertising your business online.

In short, Twitter is a popular social networking micro-blog that millions of internet users use. Yes, sending messages to those you can know is fun, but it is important to look at the service from an internet marketing standpoint. Once you do, you will see that creating a free Twitter account can become an easy yet profitable step.

What Is Twitter and How You Can Use It

If you use the internet and stay up-to-date with the happenings online, you have likely heard of Twitter before.

Twitter is a cross between a micro-blog and a social networking website. Most importantly, it is free to use. A Twitter member will share updates with other members. These updates are called Tweets. These updates are in text format, and they can be up to 140 characters each. Depending on personal preferences, you can send updates via instant messaging, RSS feeds, email, Facebook, mobile phones, or the Twitter website.

For the most part, Twitter is used for social networking. Members will message their friends with a fun and interesting updates, such as a grade on a paper at school, a spring break trip, and so forth. Although popular with teens and adults of all ages, Twitter is very popular with college students. It allows them to stay in contact with their family and friends back home.

So, are you too busy to call your friends or family regularly? If so, Twitter maybe your best option. You can send messages through the Twitter website or your mobile phone. If you are a Mac user and a PC user, you can also use the Twitterrific desktop program. It allows you to send from your computer without first logging into the website.

Although Twitter is commonly used for social networking purposes, many businesses have started using the service to their advantage. For example, coworkers working jointly on a project can update each other with their progress. This service is also increasing in popularity for businesses where deliveries are required. Updates and changes to a route schedule can easily be uploaded and shared with delivery drivers already in the field.

So, are you a business owner? If so, you can use Twitter to your advantage. Whether you operate a large business or a small one, Twitter can give your business an edge. Although you may not run a factory-style business, your employees may work in a line. For example, one employee must finish their work before another can begin theirs. If that is the case, Twitter’s free updates can make it easy for constant communication.

There are over 2 million members on Twitter. Unfortunately, you may not be one of them. As previously stated, Twitter is a cross between a micro-blog and a social networking website. If you use the internet to work, not just for recreation, you might assume that you do not have the time or energy to Twitter. Yes, that may be true, but there is more to it.

So, are you self-employed? Even if you work by yourself, you can still use Twitter to your advantage. Although advertisements are advised against, there are roundabout ways for you to market your business. Whether you are selling a product, service, or a combination of the two, you can spread the word with Twitter. For example, are you employed as a web designer? If so, send a Twitter message to your followers stating that you are working on a new website project. If a follower needs a website developed, they may later remember your message and the services you offer.

As you can see, Twitter is more than just a social networking website and a micro-blog. If you aren’t already one of the 2 million users who have tried it, give it a try. With Twitter being free, you have nothing to lose.

Easy Ways To Make Money On Twitter

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Easy Ways To Make Money On Twitter

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